DIY: Brow Shaping – easy steps to transform your face

It is no secret that well shaped brows not only accentuate your eyes, but frame the entire face. Knowing how to shape your brows will help you transform your face stunninglty in a couple of simple steps.

While everyone’s brows are shaped differently, there are some basic rules that will help everyone:

It is all in the shape – trim, tweeze, brush

In order for your brows to reach their potential, you need to let them grow out for about six to eight weeks. Don’t tweeze above your brows. Brush hair upwards, trim along the upper brow line with scissors, then brush them outward to their natural shape.  

The perfectly shaped eyebrow.

To tweeze brows, use natural light. Told the skin tight and tweeze individual hairs in the direction of hair growth. Remember less is more! After a couple of tweezes, step back and reassess.

First, tweeze in between the brows (brows should align with the center of the nostril), then any stray hair under the brow. The arch of the eyebrow should be just above your iris, then fall at the back third of the eye. The tails of your eyebrows should end at the point where an imaginary line from your nostril along the corner of your eye would meet the brow (hold a pencil along that line for guidance). Only trim the tips if they dip too far below where the heads begin. A low tip will result in an aged, sad look. Make sure to taper the ends to a clean point for a sharp finish. Don’t pluck brows into a thin line. It can look dated and unnatural and it’s not easy to correct. Soft, angled eyebrows are universally flattering, regardless of your face shape.

Filling in brows – accentuate your natural beauty

Lily Morais, Aesthetician

If you have sparse spots or are looking for a bolder brow, you can use a brow pencil to feather in some “hairs” in a shade that matches your natural brow color, or slightly lighter. Pale blonde eyebrows should be colored in with a shade or two darker, often a grey undertone will work best for a natural look. A dark brown will give back eyebrows a more dimensional finish, for reds an auburn undertone is most flattering. For filling in brows the options are plenty: brow pencils, powders, gels, …Try out what works best for you. Or, if you are feeling overwhelmed, most stores that sell makeup products will gladly assist with free tutorials and product and color choices.

If you are over everyday maintenance, there are always semi-permanent solutions such as Eyebrow Henna – now offered at Skin Deep.