Ingredient Highlight: Botanical Brighteners

Those darn sun spots, age spots … Discoloration (hyper-pigmentation) is a reminder of the sun sins of our past, or in the case of melasma, hormonal changes. Botanical Brighteners promise relief, but which ones to look for and how do they work? Botani

Product Highlight: New Masks get The Thumbs Up

At Skin Deep, we are super excited about the new additions to the iMask Collection: The Purifying Probiotic Mask and the Firming Transformation Mask. We tried both and it is hard to pick a favorite… The yoghurt-based Purifying Probiotic Mask supports

Self-Care Masking

Masking at home is one of my favorite things to do. For me, it is part of my self-care: a little bit of me-time that helps me take care of myself. Putting on a mask is much more than just that. It is a way to relax and feel good about yourself. And w

Understanding Inflammation – From Healing to Harm

What exactly is inflammation? Inflammation is your body’s vital natural defense response triggered by the immune system. An inflammatory response is triggered by an injury – a scrape, a bee sting, a sprained ankle – to which the immune system rushes

DIY: Chocolate Lip Scrub

Dry, chapped lips? Girl, you have to exfoliate! Our aesthetician Asia has been making her own skincare products forever and this is one of her favorites. “I love it, because it’s chocolate! It smells great, doubles as a mask, and just feels right for

!NEW! The Hot Stone Facial

Winter in Vermont: beautiful, snowy, … bone chilling and dehydrating. We are excited to introduce the perfect treat for you: The Skin Deep Hot Stone Facial. This ultra hydrating facial replenishes your skin’s moisture, boosts its resilience with anti

Organic. Clinical. Balancing – The renewed Ormedic Line

When I talk to clients about skincare, there is nothing that I stress more: balance. If our skin is in balance, it will be happy, healthy, vibrant. Image Skincare’s Ormedic Line has been clinically formulated with organic ingredients to help skin be

One Stop Holiday Shopping

Get your Holiday Shopping right with our Fabulous Specials! Gift Certificates Galore — Stocking Stuffers They’ll Love — A Gift For You With a Holiday Facial — Free Tote with Your Favorite Products. All here at Skin Deep Medica

Get Your Holiday Botox before the Holiday Rush!

This November our trusted doctors Kara Flaherty and Maria Carracino have a special gift for you: buy 30 units of Botox and get 5 units free! Call now for your appointment before slots fill up! (802) 879-3742

All the ways to love your lips!

At Skin Deep we want you to love your lips. Whether you would like your lips to be fuller, softer, or are bothered by lines around them, we can help. How to tackle thin lips Some people are genetically blessed with full lips. If you would like your l