Get longer, fuller lashes with Image Skincare’s Brow and Lash Serum!

Long, luscious lashes have probably been on everyone’s wish list since they first saw Bambi. Today, we have an array of opportunities to extend our lashes. From falsies to extensions, it seems lashes nave never been more popular – or longer!

Aesthetician Julie was a bit skeptic, but decided to put the Image Brow and Lash Serum to the test. Within three weeks she noticed thicker and fuller lashes. “Now after about 3 months, my lashes have never been longer! And I am still on the original dispenser! While I don’t think my husband has noticed, my friends definitely have!”  

Key to making the brow and lash serum work, is consistency. Apply the serum twice a day on the brows and or at the base of the lash line, and longer, fuller and healthier brows and lashes will be coming your way.

Image Skincare’s Brow and Lash Serum conditions your lashes with peptides and plant stem cells that strengthen hair follicles, improve texture and youthfulness, and prevent breakage. If applied to brows, the serum will help fill in sparse or overplucked brows.

Testers at Good Housekeeping UK* found that the serum was easy to apply and neither too thick nor runny. The gel like serum left testers’ brows and lashes feeling more conditioned after eight weeks. The lab test showed a 7% increase in the length of lashes. 70% of testers also noticed an improvement in the fullness of their brows and even in areas where hair was normally sparse. Overall testers saw a difference in their lashes and brows within three to four weeks!  

Did you know? Skin Deep Medical Aesthetics also sells Latisse!

*December 2018

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