NEW SERVICE! Brow and Lash Henna – natural eyebrow and eyelash tinting.

How great would it be to wake up in the morning and have your eyebrows and lashes already good to go?

Skin Deep Medical Aesthetics now offers Henna Eyebrow and Eyelash Tinting, the newest trend in non-permanent brow filling.

Henna is a plant pigment from the Hina tree that can be used to temporarily tint eyebrows and lashes naturally, painlessly and with no downtime. The henna will stain the hairs as well as the skin beneath, creating the illusion of depth and a fuller brow.

Less intense and permanent than micro-blading (where needles implant pigment on the skin), Henna lasts for up to four weeks. Henna is a safe and natural alternative to tints and dyes. Free from peroxide activators, it is suitable for anyone, even sensitive skin.

The henna brow or lash process is quick and easy. Henna comes in a variety of shades that will be mixed to match your natural brow or lash color. Then the henna is mixed into a paste, applied on your eyebrows or eyelashes and allowed to soak into the skin for 10-15 minutes.

To prolong the life of your henna brows, avoid washing your brows with harsh cleansers, and gradually fill them in with a liner as they fade. 

Henna brows great for anyone with a minimalist routine and those on the go. Call to schedule you appointment today! And at $30.- a treatment ($50. – for brow and lash together) it’s a steal to try.