Product Highlight: New Masks get The Thumbs Up

At Skin Deep, we are super excited about the new additions to the iMask Collection: The Purifying Probiotic Mask and the Firming Transformation Mask. We tried both and it is hard to pick a favorite…

The yoghurt-based Purifying Probiotic Mask supports the skin’s natural flora for optimal balance. Mineral-rich Brazilian green clay and activated charcoal help detoxify and clear away impurities.

Asia: ”I like the Probiotic Mask when I have breakouts. As soon as you take it off, you can see the difference. The inflammation has gone down and the next morning the skin looks a lot calmer. And it has this really awesome green color.”

Julie: ”After I use the Probiotic Mask, my skin feels soothed and balanced. I like using it after a stressful day that has left my face red and uncomfortable. I love the cool feeling of the mask and its earthy scent.”

The Firming Transformation Mask revitalizes, plumps, firms and exfoliates the skin all at once. Rare pepper berry plant extract supports the skin’s ability to resist stress. An oxygenating complex and hyaluronic acid help promote hydration and jojoba beads gently polish away dullness for improved texture, tightness and tone.

Asia: ”The Transformation Mask is super hydrating and I love how the jojoba beads exfoliate. After you take it off, the skin just glows and feels a lot firmer. And it has this shimmery blue color.”

Julie: ”After I use the Transformation Mask my skin feels like it just drank a giant glass of cold water. Totally refreshed, re-hydrated and plumped. I love the glow and how my skin feels firmed.”

These two masks get four aesthetician thumbs up!

At Skin Deep we have an array of masks to choose from. Check in with Asia or Julie to find the right one for your specific goal.