Rosacea: Stubborn No More!

Rosacea is a common skin disorder which often causes flushing of the face at inconvenient times.  The flushing is caused by hyper-reactivity of small blood vessels on the face that have inflammation around them.

In the past, rosacea has been a very difficult disorder to treat.  Along with religious use of SPF and gentle skin cleansing, traditional medications include long-term antibiotics and drugs that affect the nervous system.  The doctors at Skin Deep Medical Aesthetics have been able to improve or even eliminate flushing without medications by treating the small blood vessels with the Nd:YAG laser.*  “The laser causes the blood vessels to disappear which decreases the amount of redness and flushing of the face,” explains Paula Miner, MD, one of the physicians at Skin Deep Medical Aesthetics who has many satisfied patients with the condition.  After these blood vessels are treated, they do not return.  People with rosacea, however, do make new blood vessels and may require maintenance treatment every few months.

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*Individual results may vary.