All the ways to love your lips!

At Skin Deep we want you to love your lips. Whether you would like your lips to be fuller, softer, or are bothered by lines around them, we can help.

How to tackle thin lips

Some people are genetically blessed with full lips. If you would like your lips to be fuller, the traditional lip fill is a quick effective way to plump them. A soft filler like Volbella will give the lips a natural fullness without looking artificial. The filler acts like a sponge that binds water and thus fills the lip. The amount of filler and placement will determine the the ‘look’. Whether you desire a small natural enhancement, or want to go all out, the choice is yours. Our skilled doctors Maria Carracino and Kara Flaherty will make sure the end result is what you desire.

To help enhance the appearance and volume of lip contours on an ongoing basis, Image Skincare’s Lip Enhancement Complex will hydrate your lips and add moisture volume. This nourishing lip complex does wonders for those who suffer from chapped lips – a must have for the upcoming winter months.

Lips don’t have to show your age

Unfortunately, lips age faster than the rest of the face. The thin skin on the lips is a major contributor. Furthermore the absence of natural oils protecting the lips will dry the skin out faster. The result: dry chapped lips and lip lines – fine vertical lines that show up above and below the mouth.

Repeated muscle contractions etch in those pucker lines over time. There are several ways to address these. Small injections of Botox above the upper lip will relax the muscles and prevent lines from forming. Deeper lines can be filled with a soft filler like Volbella for a smooth upper lip. Microneedling is a treatment that will actually put your skin to work. Tiny automated needles puncture the skin and thus initiate a healing process that sets free growth factors which are important in tissue regeneration with improvement of elasticity and collagen formation. Not only does this result in an improved appearance of the skin above the lip, but it also effects the elasticity and positioning of the lips. 

Protect your investment

The best way to protect your lips from future damage is to protect them from UVA and UVB rays. Don’t neglect your lips when applying SPF. Image Skincare’s Restoring Collagen Lip Enhancement comes with SPF 15. A lifestyle that promotes healthy skin in general with a balances diet and plenty of water will enhance the results of skincare products, fillers and Botox.