NEW! Rose Quartz Gua Sha Facial

The Rose Quartz Gua Sha Facial uses smooth rose quartz facial stones and gua sha facial massages to lift and sculpt the skin of the face and neck. The slow flow of this facial supports the relaxing experience calming mind and body alike.

 “Julie’s Rose Quartz Facial deeply awakened my senses and profoundly relaxed my facial muscles.  As the Rose Quartz Crystals simultaneously rolled over each side of my face and neck, I felt impurity and stress lift, leaving my skin and spirit balanced and renewed.”

Rose quartz, the “stone of love”, has been used for centuries in beautification for its healing, detoxifying, and radiance-infusing properties. It is especially effective in releasing the unexpressed emotions that create tension in our face. Why a stone? Rose Quartz is a mineral that carries a negative charge – while toxins and free radicals carry a positive charge. Those negative ions magnetically draw out positively charged particles to detoxify, cleanse and heal the skin.

Chinese Gua Sha facial massages improve health of skin and tissue and give more radiant skin and lifted and sculptured features. They improve circulation, nutrient delivery and detoxification. The gentle and slow movements attempt to loosen the fascia under your skin. This webbing of densely packed collagen fibers surrounds muscles, bones and soft tissue. Adhesions, damaged fibers and chronic stress cause the fascia to thicken and loose its flexibility, resulting in sagging skin and loss of jawline definition.  Gua Sha facial massages can be very helpful in releasing muscle and tissue tension – helping restore form and function, while being a profoundly relaxing experience.

“I had the most relaxing and rejuvenating rose quartz facial with Julie. The salon is lovely and Julie has a wonderful manner with her clients. Highly recommend!”