Product Safety

Have you ever stumbled upon a fabulous deal online that almost sounded too good to be true? In the case of skincare products that is most likely the case.

Unfortunately, the practice of diversion in skincare products – where products intended for a particular market such as skincare professionals are sold to unauthorized online retailers – can be a safety issue for the consumer. The products coming from these websites could be previously opened, tampered with, fake, expired and unsafe to use. “Image Skincare is spending a lot of resources to identify unauthorized re-sellers and takes action to remove these products,” explains Chauncie Woods, Image Skincare Business Development Manager. “We have seen products where an Image Skincare label was taped over an unidentified bottle. You wouldn’t even know what you put on your face,” she adds.

Skin Deep Medical Aesthetics offers the full lineup of Image Skincare products & treatments, and is currently the only authorized seller of Image Skincare’s MD line in Vermont.

Why are professional grade products are sold through skincare professionals? Aestheticians like Skin Deep’s Julie Schwetlick are trained in skin analysis and product ingredients to recommend every client the products that are best for their individual skin and concern. In an industry complicated by unnecessary chemicals, Image Skincare’s products are powered by smart botanicals and high percentages of safe, proven active ingredients for healthy skin that keeps you looking younger.

At Skin Deep we do not follow the latest beauty fad, we believe in products that work … and have happy clients that show for it.

Ask us about Image Skincare at you next visit to Skin Deep Medical Aesthetics.